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Greg Puciato

Child Soldier: Creator of God Cloudy Red Double Vinyl

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Release Date: 11/12/2020

Discs: 2

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Greg Puciato, the enigmatic singer known for his diverse list of projects, from the incendiary The Dillinger Escape Plan to the brutalist electro-pop outfit The Black Queen and the unabashedly thrashy Killer Be Killed, releases his debut solo album, Child Soldier: Creator of
God this Autumn via Federal Prisoner.

1. Heaven of Stone
2. Creator of God
3. Fire For Water
4. Deep Set
5. Temporary Object
6. Fireflies
7. Do You Need Me to Remind You?
8. Roach Hiss
9. Down When I'm Not
10. You Know I Do
11. Through the Walls
12. A Pair of Questions
13. Evacuation
14. Heartfree
15. September City